Most Awaited Webinar on Bhagavad Gita By Dr. Vivek Bindra

What the Webinar is all about?

  • Unlocking the doors of Abundant Opportunities.
  • Experiencing Life with Self-mastery.
  • Learning Success Wisdom from Bhagavad Gita.
  • Connecting with Abundance of Universal Powers.
  • Overcoming Three Types of Miseries of Life.

World’s Greatest Influencers, International Motivational Speaker, Leadership Consultant & Business Coach. Owner of World’s No #1 Most Subscribed Entrepreneurship YouTube Channel with more than 16.2 million Subscribers A five-time Guinness World Records holder Best CEO Coach in India by Times of India- Speaking Tree Awarded as The Game Changer of the Year 2019 by Economic Times. 40 Under 40 Award from BW BusinessWorld Leadership Excellence Award as the “Think Tank of Corporate Asia” by World Leadership Federation @ Dubai and many more…

It was set up by ISKCON India Advisory Council (IIAC) to inspire, train and engage youths from all walks of life by providing them the ideas, resources and guidance to achieve success in life. To achieve this objective, Annual National Conventions are being held since the year 2016 at various locations across India.

Our major goals are:

  • Nurturing Youths of India in strengthening their moral and ethical values
  • Imparting Knowledge and Wisdom of Vedic Scriptures
  • Practicing Mindfulness techniques from Bhagvad Gita
  • Develop Leadership Qualities
  • Providing Resources and platform to Learn, Grow and Share
  • To practically help the Society in providing all kind of support in every tough situations like Corona pandemic

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