ISKCON Raipur started Value Education which came into being with the aim to nurture children with a worldview that is rich in empathy and self- awareness. Anchored in the timeless wisdom of ancient India – expressed in the form of philosophy, concepts and stories – we seek to provide children, young people and their immediate support groups of parents and teachers, with humane values, and tools that can serve to guide them throughout their lifetime.

Value Education focusses on imparting sublime values by arming children with the ability to recognise the wealth of their roots; their origin stories. Through this endeavour, we hope to create the psycho-physical ecosystem inspired by Srila Prabhupada; one that fosters growth in the student’s personal, ethical, emotional, social, creative, cognitive and spiritual faculties.

Inspired by the life-changing experience of coming in contact with the message and selfless efforts of Srila Prabhupada, this group at the ISKCON temple in Raipur conceived of an institution that reaches out to school and college students. Through IYF BACE, they sought to enhance the lives of students with values founded on the worldview derived from our rich, ancient Indian cultural heritage. IYF has distilled the wisdom of ancient India to provide an educational experience that will transform individuals to be refined in character, creative, peace-loving, hard-working, sharp and have a keen spirit of enquiry.

Today, ISKCON IYF Raipur boasts of a repository of content developed over years of careful research and a dynamic group of facilitators from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. We ensure a deeply enriching experience in delivering value education to students across all age groups.

Children’s are tomorrow’s future leaders. Right Value Bright Value

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