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Woman has a vital role to play in any family, in the life of her husband, children, and in-laws and others. It is said that the hand that moves the cradle can make or mar the world. Great leaders have had great mothers. Keeping this in view, the girls are trained in various activities to become a ideal wife, a loving mother and a chaste and exemplary house maker to benefit home, nation and all humanity.

Objectives of Girls VOICE
  • Learn the basic philosophy of KC and develop a taste for chanting, hearing and seva
  • Values like Overcoming Greed, Anger, Depression, Fear, Inferiority complex
  • Perform devotional activities like offering puja, maintaining deity, making garland, pure habits etc.
  • Cultural activities like singing, playing instruments, cooking, put Rangoli etc.
  • Live a life of chastity, character, modesty, simplicity and similar values
  • Learn to be a ideal wife, mother, daughter-in-law, -in-law etc.
  • Dealing with guests, elders, family members and others
  • Learn to celebrate festivals at home
  • Teaching Children VOICE students

The Girls VOICE organizes a quarterly special youth festival for girls called ‘CHETANA’ where hundreds of girls participate in program consisting of a seminar, kirtans, dancing and Prasadam. Special eminent speakers are invited for this program.

Their special activities are

  • Seminars like ‘Role of woman in Vedic society’ by senior ladies
  • Group presentations on topic of “Six anarthas”
  • Doing Aarti to the Lord
  • Candle making and Pots decoration
  • Garland making
  • Singing Bhajans and Kirtans
  • Cooking recipes
  • Slide show presentations
  • Outdoor spiritual picnics and camps

For Details, contact: HG Rasamrita Prabhu on WhatsApp on: +91 95031 58108

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